About Us


About Us


Freedom Air started out as an owner operated air charter company with its roots vested in aircraft ownership. Its founders’ passion for flying sparked an aircraft acquisition spate which progressed naturally into the air charter industry Although these aircraft have operated seamlessly within the air charter industry on contract to existing operators it was not until 2005 that it was decided to enter the air charter industry as an independent operator.

Freedom Air obtained the required certification from the South African Civil Aviation Authorities and started to operate locally and internationally as a fully fledged independent general air charter company under its own brand.

Our services are tailored to suit our clients’ requirements and we consistently impress and deliver above expectation.

Our blemish free safety record stands as testament to our attitude towards safety. Regular safety audits conducted by the company’s management and certified independent external safety officers ensure that we adhere to all operational procedures and policies and maintain the highest standards of operations. It also ensures that the company’s operational policies and procedures are being adhered to and that the aircraft in the use of being maintained to the highest level.

Our highly trained personnel are there to meet your every need.

It is this company’s mission to provide our clients with a safe, memorable service at reasonable rates, whilst securing the well being of its employees, and fair return on investment.