We have a fleet of various types of aircraft, for various usages. Please selet your aircraft type below.


Light Single Engine (piston)


Light single engine piston charter aircraft are useful for low budget charter operations. These aircraft are restricted to fair weather/visual conditions and flight by day only. Aircraft rates are usually between R2800 and R4200 (between $400 and $600) per flight hour plus expenses.


Light Twin-Engine (piston)


Light twin engine piston charter aircraft are ideal for economical charter operations. Charter flights are available in these aircraft in most weather conditions and at night. Twin piston aircraft charter rates are generally between R4200 and R8400 (between $600 and $1200) per flight hour plus expenses.


Turbo Prop


Turboprop aircraft are perfect for corporate charter, larger groups and charter flights over longer sectors. The turbine engines provide added performance and reliability and the aircraft are normally fitted with additional safety and comfort features such as pressurisation, air conditioning, weather radar and anti-icing equipment as standard. Turbo-prop charter rates are generally between R9000 and R22000 ($1300-$3000) per flight hour plus expenses.


Corporate Jet


Corporate jets are utilised throughout the world for primarily for business travel, particularly when time efficiency, privacy and comfort are vital. Corporate jets range from small short to medium range aircraft , to wide-body, long-range global aircraft.




Helicopter rates are generally between R3500 and R9000 ($700-$1200) per flight hour for smaller piston helicopters, R9000-R14000 per hour for small turbine machines and R25000+ per hour for larger twin-engine corporate helicopters.




Freedom Air can provide charter airliners from 30 to 100 or more passengers for group charters to Southern African and international destinations. Whether it be a corporate getaway, sporting event or group tour, we will ensure seamless travel for you in the luxury and comfort of your own private airliner. Our comprehensive network of charter aircraft nation-wide means the most suitable and cost effective aircraft can be provided.



Comparison of Charter Aircraft and Aircraft Types

Comparison of charter aircraft is important to ensure the aircraft meets your requirements and expectations. Our wide range of aircraft available allows you to compare charter aircraft categories and models and determine the best aircraft for the job in terms of performance, style, comfort and cost. Aircraft charter costs vary considerably between categories. Note that the aircraft types with higher hourly charter rates often travel at higher speeds, bringing the costs per nautical mile closer towards the cheaper categories.

Our Charter Managers are here to guide you in selection of charter aircraft, and we aim to provide valuable information on our site, helping you make an informed decision on which aircraft is most appropriate for the task.