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This is how Africa is meant to be … the smell of coffee and wood smoke when you are woken up by the call of the crested francolin in the morning … the silence of the bushveld in the heat of the day when you sit under the shade of a wild fig tree … watching the sunset over a waterhole with a breeding herd of elephant coming down to drink … the wonderful blackness of the night sky with stars more numerous and brighter than you’ve ever seen before … the absolute stillness of the night with maybe a distant roar of lion or the whoop of a hyena or the crack of a breaking branch where the elephant are feeding …

Southern Africa offers a diverse culture, scenic beauty and wildlife. From the exciting nightlife in the cities to lazy days on unspoilt beaches, from the bustling wilderness with its unrivaled wildlife to breathtaking landscapes Africa is, as a destination, simply unrivaled. First-hand experience of the destinations means our travel experts are your best possible option for a customised or luxury itinerary within the African sub-continent.

Over and above arranging travel to general attractions in Africa, Freedom Air is also well known for special interest safaris such as:
Historical Places of Interest Tours

  • Wildlife packages
  • Marine conservation programs
  • Hot Air Balloon Tours
  • White Water River Rafting Tours
  • Culinary Safaris
  • Bird Viewing Safaris
  • “4 Seasons” Golf Safaris
  • Safari on foot Tours
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Destinations include:
• Angola • Botswana • Ghana • Kenya • Malawi • Mombasa • Mozambique • Namibia • South- Africa
• Tanzania • Victoria Falls • Zambia • Zanzibar • Zimbabwe


Luxury Safari

Let us host you in some of Africa’s most elegant, award winning lodges with very distinct characters and atmospheres which is encapsulated in our "Wild and Luxury" experience with the promise of a safari experience of a lifetime. There is nothing quite as stirring as the sight of a lion, elephant or rhino roaming free in the bush; as haunting as the sound of a hyena laughing in the dead of night; as electrifying as the tension one feels when following spoor along a dry riverbed. mainpic_accommodation_madikwesafarilodge This is what makes the Safari experience so memorable. Day and night safaris in open Land Rovers, led by highly trained Game Rangers and qualified Trackers, follow the animals on and off-road, deep into the heart of the African Bushveld. Walking safaris allow guests to feel the pulse of untamed Africa through the soles of their feet. After the exitement of the bush, come home and be pampered by the lavish elegance of your surroundings, enjoy the delectable meals that are available together with some of the greatest South African house wines from the cellar. slideshow_hp_04     Jock_Game_Drive_web Ngoma-Safari-Lodge-Signature-Pic

Bush Camp

Experience an authentic "back to the bush" atmosphere  ... an intimate safari that concentrates on the wildlife and bush experience whilst not forgoing any creature comforts or service. An incredible adventure is guaranteed, whether it be on the mighty Zambezi River, the Okavango Delta or the roaring sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert. Enjoy a variety of mobile and luxury safari tented camps in Zimbabwe & Botswana most exclusive safari spots. Our professional guides and naturalist enthusiasts will assist to make your journey through the African wilderness the very best African safari experience. Share your fantasy with us and we will make it happen ... your dream our passion. wec2   luwi-bush-camp-norman Okonjima Bush Camp.png_Thumbnail1-tabs

Game Viewing

Game Viewing South Africa - What’s so special? The roar of lions echoing across the endless Savannah, the sound of crickets under a star studded sky - this is what you will experience when you visit one of the fine reserves teeming with African Wild Life. Feel the thrill and adventure of a close encounter with the Big Five viewing_0006 com Africa is a wildlife paradise offering umpteen numbers of national parks and wildlife reserves. Although each game reserve offers its own dimension to game viewing, one common factor ties them all together: the regal big five of the South African wild world - Elephant, Leopard, Rhino, Lion and Buffalo. Game Viewing is done either in closed vehicles or in open safari vehicles depending on the operator in the Private Game reserves and both day and night game viewing is available in these private reserves. Tracking game on foot is an option.rangers_gallery13 (1) Take your pick depending on your requirements. From a super luxury game viewing experience to a self dive budget safari, from fully catered in a 5 star private game lodge to a self catering experience for the budget conscious... we will cater for your specific Game Viewing experience in Africa.

Tiger Fishing

The African tiger fish are brutal, cunning, and sometimes frightening inhabitant of the wildest and most unspoiled wilderness areas in places like Cabora Bassa, the Upper Zambezi and Lake Kariba. Powerful muscles and a broad, tuna-like tail enable even the most massive members of the species to chase down most any type of prey. Once caught, those fearsome fangs come into play. For the angler craving that mano-a-mano tussle with a freshwater fish that hunts just about anything that moves, tigerfish may just be the most fearsome fish you’ll ever see. Armed to the gills with 32 razor-sharp teeth and accustomed to hunting in packs, this terror makes piranhas seem like pussycats. Goliath-Tiger-fish-43-kg Pound-for-pound the most powerful freshwater fish on earth, the scientific name is translated literally as water dog (hydrocynus) striped (vittatus). Tigerfish have been officially classified as a game fish by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and the species has garnered a reputation among sport fishermen as “one of the best freshwater fighters.”