Luxury Safari lodges

Let us host you in some of Africa’s most elegant, award winning lodges with very distinct characters and atmospheres which is encapsulated in our “Wild and Luxury” experience with the promise of a safari experience of a lifetime. There is nothing quite as stirring as the sight of a lion, elephant or rhino roaming free in the bush; as haunting as the sound of a hyena laughing in the dead of night; as electrifying as the tension one feels when following spoor along a dry riverbed.


This is what makes the Safari experience so memorable.

Day and night safaris in open Land Rovers, led by highly trained Game Rangers and qualified Trackers, follow the animals on and off-road, deep into the heart of the African Bushveld.

Walking safaris allow guests to feel the pulse of untamed Africa through the soles of their feet.

After the exitement of the bush, come home and be pampered by the lavish elegance of your surroundings, enjoy the delectable meals that are available together with some of the greatest South African house wines from the cellar.

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