Tiger Fishing

The African tiger fish are brutal, cunning, and sometimes frightening inhabitant of the wildest and most unspoiled wilderness areas in places like Cabora Bassa, the Upper Zambezi and Lake Kariba. Powerful muscles and a broad, tuna-like tail enable even the most massive members of the species to chase down most any type of prey. Once caught, those fearsome fangs come into play.

For the angler craving that mano-a-mano tussle with a freshwater fish that hunts just about anything that moves, tigerfish may just be the most fearsome fish you’ll ever see. Armed to the gills with 32 razor-sharp teeth and accustomed to hunting in packs, this terror makes piranhas seem like pussycats.

Pound-for-pound the most powerful freshwater fish on earth, the scientific name is translated literally as water dog (hydrocynus) striped (vittatus).
Tigerfish have been officially classified as a game fish by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and the species has garnered a reputation among sport fishermen as “one of the best freshwater fighters.”